Cancel out Cancer – Want to be a volunteer?

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council - Cancel Out Cancer
Local NHS volunteers run cancer awareness session – ‘cancel out cancer’

If you’re unfamiliar with Cancel Out Cancer, the free 60-minute sessions are a fantastic way for community members to:

· understand what cancer is and isn’t, including busting some myths

· spot cancer early, and get to know what the signs and symptoms of cancer are

· know the value of screening, and importance of early diagnosis

· be positive about health and small lifestyle changes to help reduce the risks of getting cancer.

At the moment, the awareness sessions are run online, and anyone is invited to take part - voluntary organisations, community groups, local clubs, or even just for family and friends to get together for an hour with one of the fantastic volunteers.

We are now looking for local west Herts patients to become volunteer presenters. If you are interested in finding out more then please let me know. You will need to take part in a Cancel Out Cancer session initially before attending a training session to find out more about the role of the volunteer presenters.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer presenter or would just like to attend a session please email [email protected].

There is lots more information about the programme, which started in east and north Hertfordshire almost three years ago, here: