At Attenborough Surgery we have two First Contact Physiotherapists who are here to assess any musculoskeletal condition.

This means that if you have a joint pain, a muscle issue, spinal pain or any pain down your limbs then you can be seen without having to see a GP first.

By the end of one appointment, you will be assessed, diagnosed, given some initial treatment ideas, given pain relief (if necessary), referred for investigations (e.g. x-rays or blood tests) referred to the right service (physiotherapy, podiatry, pain management, rheumatology or back to a GP) or injected (if that is what is required).

So if you have pain anywhere why not ask to see a physiotherapist today?

Our in-house physio is available to treat problems such as:

  • Sports injuries,
  • Head and neck injuries,
  • Shoulder injuries,
  • Knee injuries,
  • Back injuries,
  • Rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists also help people with mental health conditions, neurological conditions (those affecting the brain and nervous system) and chronic (long-term) health conditions.

By using a number of different approaches and techniques, a physiotherapist can help a person to overcome injury or short-term health problems, or manage long-term disability.