If you have diabetes, then you should have an annual review of your condition at the surgery. Some patients, with more complex diabetes, have their annual review at a hospital staffed clinic, after referral by one of our clinicians.

Our doctors and nurses are trained in diabetes management and will be able to review your requirements. If you need a review, please advise a receptionist that you want to see a nurse for a diabetes annual review and they will make you an appointment. It may be necessary to arrange a blood test, in advance of your appointment with the nurse. If you have diabetes, you may also receive a request to make an appointment for a blood test or with a nurse for a review. This will either come attached to your repeat medication or as a letter or text message from the surgery.

Please respond to these requests by making an appointment with a nurse as it is important to optimise your diabetes management. Blood tests can either be booked at the Bushey surgery or you can attend the walk-in phlebotomy clinic at Watford General Hospital (9-4 pm Monday- Friday- you require a form from the surgery).

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