Skype / Facetime

david-on-laptop-2We are now offering a Skype/Facetime service as an alternative to telephone consultations. You may be offered this service when you ring up asking to speak to a doctor. We may also offer you this service when you phone up to speak to the afternoon duty doctor

Security FAQ

1. Is Skype/Facetime secure?

Yes Skype is secure. Skype creates a secure channel to allow the flow of video and voice from one computer to another. Each computer has to install the Skype software provided at and you have to have access to the internet to use it.

2. Can they record my conversation with my doctor?

The long and short of it is that Skype/Facetime is no more at risk than governments being able to record telephone conversations in the interest of national security.

3. Where should I take my Skype/Facetime Call?

Naturally the environment around you isn’t secure so make sure you are out of earshot, are at home or in a secluded environment or are aware of the potential risks of others hearing about your conversation with your GP if you are not. If possible, try and use your microphone and headset when answering your call as this improves the quality of the consultation. The GP will only conduct Skype/Facetime calls in a secluded environment where only they are present.

Giving your Consent for Skype/Facetime Calls

Patients using our service must read this web page at least once to understand more about Skype/Facetime. We will instruct you to do this and assume you have given your consent at the point of contacting us when asking for this service.

Questions to Ask your Doctor

All conversations which we do over the phone we can do with Skype/Facetime. As we are piloting the service, your feedback on how useful this service is compared to telephone consultations will be very useful to us.